in the land of the ancients

quinault forest

back into the deep forest


the olympic rain forest – it’s not raining, today. there are wildfires, over the next ridge


here, in the quinault basin, it’s quiet, deep, old..


the width of 1000 rings, the annual circles of the growth go wide, far beyond our reach


what have they seen? each ring, holds the tracings of our ancestors, long passed on


the largest western red cedar, the largest sitka spruce – the ancients, towering, embracing, protecting, and watching all that has been


hurricane force winds, lightning strikes, floods, earthquakes, droughts, fires – and yet they stand, alive. stepping into the hollow of the cedar, a sacred place, this cathedral of life

these trees that surround us still, only 100 years old, the protected ones, now.


we are grateful for their presence.



3 Responses to “in the land of the ancients”

  1. Absolutely stunning photographs! Really good editing quality 🙂 Iceland must have been beautiful! I am currently working in the Lofotr Viking museum in Northern Norway making bows and arrows and sailing a replica Viking longship, but after seeing your site, maybe I will go Iceland after my current adventure in Lofoten is complete! Cod you maybe give me some advice on my photos?

    • Archaeofox – that is an amazing structure, that long house longship. Grateful for your note, and Iceland is stunning – you can’t take a bad picture there. I like to shoot 16×9 wide frame format with a very simple digital point and shoot (Canon S120) and then some punch up of contrast and color on iPhoto or sometimes camera+ app on the iPhone. I just returned to Iceland again on the solstice and this time went north the the westfjords – remote, powerful, beautiful. Happy adventuring..

      • Wow thanks! Yeah iPhoto is cool! Last night we were at a place called Eggum, for the last real midnight sun blood red! I’ll post some pictures soon 🙂

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