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i c e l a n d

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the alchemy of a place


indescribable, dreamy, mystical, stunning, disorienting


the visible elements:

lush green fields rolling under jagged peaks, washed in swaths of violet lupine




stark glaciers falling into the ocean’s horizon







endless lava deserts, blanketed in thick moss




split chasms, cracked earth fissures


photo by tim girvin


milky blue lakes of steaming minerals, thrusting from deep underground





heavy timber structures emerging, of the earth, stone-walled, turf sheltered






rushing waterfalls, slicing over sheer rock mesas downward to the sea







mist-shrouded peaks, veiled mysteries




never-ending light, midnight sun


standing stones, cairns, and rock-circles





ice-shards, crystalline boulders streaming over black sand shores





ancient codes, runes, and magical sigals




bands of wild horses, roaming over lush green valleys




the people, shielded by the powers of their natural island-world








the invisible elements:

the scent of green, wet stone, salt-waters



the desolation of no-where




the absence of night








dark histories, volcanic destructions




the chilled misted, crystalline air




the heat of underground forces




a place of mystery


photo by tim girvin


a magic place






and the enduring strength of the people



i c e l a n d


desert vision

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“one breath of juniper smoke, like the perfume of sagebrush after rain, evokes in magical catalysis, like certain music, the space and light and clarity and piercing strangeness of the american west. long may it burn.”
― Edward AbbeyDesert Solitaire

buckskin gulch 1

buckskin gulch 1

buckskin gulch 2

buckskin gulch 2

buckskin gulch 3

buckskin gulch 3

buckskin gulch 4

buckskin gulch 4

buckskin gulch 5

buckskin gulch 5

drifting in red sands before the edge of the longest and deepest slot canyon, the landscape is full of magic. rock formations hold ancient petroglyphs, telling the story of the land and people that have lived here for thousands of years.

petroglyphs near buckskin gulch

petroglyphs near buckskin gulch

sandstone formations 1

sandstone formations 1

sandstone formations 2

sandstone formations 2

sandstone formations 3

sandstone formations 3

sandstone formations 4

sandstone formations 4

sandstone formations 5

sandstone formations 5

large swaths of this land were at the bottom of the ocean that divided the continent. now, it is rich with sage, juniper, scrub oak, and cacti – even moss.

tumbleweed 1

tumbleweed 2

tumbleweed 3

tumbleweed 3

tumbleweed 4

tumbleweed 4

tumbleweed 5

tumbleweed 5

the colors, otherworldly – the designs of nature, striking.

desert cacti

desert cacti

desert flower

desert flower

desert seed

desert seed

desert cacti

desert cacti

flowering shrub

flowering shrub

climbing deep into the slot canyon, the temperature drops, shadows slide over liquid stone. echoes of the floods – walls of water and debris, their markings left as tree trunks and branches held by the narrow walls, high overhead.

slot canyon 1

slot canyon 1

slot canyon 2

slot canyon 2

slot canyon 3

slot canyon 3

slot canyon 4

slot canyon 4

slot canyon 5

slot canyon 5

“men come and go, cities rise and fall, whole civilizations appear and disappear-the earth remains, slightly modified. the earth remains, and the heartbreaking beauty where there are no hearts to break….I sometimes choose to think, no doubt perversely, that man is a dream, thought an illusion, and only rock is real. Rock and sun.”
― Edward AbbeyDesert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness

spirit architecture – spain.2

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evening shadow in the alhambra gardens – granada, spain

in spain, for thousands of years, architecture has been infused with the essence of human spirit

catedral primada santa maria de toledo - spain

human form, and the spirit of imagination have inspired the creation of powerful structures

virgin of montserrat – santa maria de montserrat monastery, spain

for centuries the benedictine monastery of montserrat developed around the legend of the black virgin – now a place of pilgrimage for millions

santa maria de montserrat – spain

elaborate courtyards, passageways, plazas, and intricately detailed structures inspire the continual flow of seekers

ribbed vaults of the monastery of montserrat

angel gracing the entrance to the shrine at montserrat - spain

scripts, hands, ribs, angels, saints, spirits – all deeply embedded into the form, the essence of buildings, in every detail

in the cloister of tortosa cathedral – spain

spirits that have passed become part of the walls

tortosa cathedral angel – spain

spirits carved out of the same materials of the structure – radiant and alive – polished skin and stone made fluid into wings and robes

gauidi’s sagrada familia facade – barcelona, spain

spirits emerging out of the structure – in the arches, window frames, and columns – growing out of the stone and earth

gaudi's park guell - barcelona, spain

human spirits are lifted from the ground, through the columns, to the arches and domes – upward into the light

central dome of the sagrada familia - spain

a striking reminder of how architecture can be a powerful embodiment of the spirit – how it can be the soul of the people who create it, or of those who are held within

tortosa cathedral - spain

or the spirit of those who have passed through

catedral primada santa maria de toledo – spain

or the spirit of those who surround it, or the community that is sheltered or inspired by it’s presence

granada cathedral - spain

or the eyes looking toward what cannot be seen

santa maria del mar - barcelona, spain

windows into the past and future

santa maria del mar – barcelona, spain

or the realization of collective dreams

shadow at the alhambra gate - granada, spain

or places to find your own shadow, in the dreams of a thousand years past.


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only the sound of rain, in awakening

walking out as the day opens into a lighter shade of grey

surrounded by the deepest scents of wet earth

i found the madronas in their stunning gowns of bark

shimmering wet beauties

peeling open in the rain

the vanishing point

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lighthouse stair – shutter island cgi

  how far back in your mind do moments exist before they disappear? 

high line park - northern expansion, new york

 how distant is what we see before it all vanishes from sight? 

georgetown brewhouse facade bracing - seattle

my son has been reflecting on the increasing distance as he looks back on memories of earlier times , places and experiences – and how they recede in scale, almost disappear. his thoughts sparked more reflection on the scale of things that we see, and how they recede into the distance, and then – – vanish altogether? 

new york subway - 5th avenue

the fundamental principle of architectural drawing is this — everything is seen in relationship to the vanishing point. in essence, it’s the center of everything, that point of nothing. all matter is stretched out on a grid from there – horizontal and vertical lines, all tying back, infinitely shrinking, disappearing completely from sight. vanishing.

hanalei pier - kauai, hawaii

 where is it that point? it’s where your eye is drawn, at the center — or, at the farthest periphery. 

banyan tree - central java, indonesia

like a black hole – everything and nothing in convergence. in looking deeper, and wondering, as we experience the world, what sense do we really have of the present? if none of the five senses work in the moment – as they are delayed by our sensory limitations – are we living in the past? is time merely a concept of relative perception, not a reality? if we could subsume our sensory input, would we have some other existent reality – in the present? and would we feel the matter that is manifest, in the moment? would we have clearer vision? would the vanishing point even exist? 

chihuly boathouse - lake union, seattle

maybe not. maybe we would experience a transformation of perspective, an opening to the energy of all that is. rather than a vanishing point, an infinite expansion to the universe.

yesterday's sunrise - jfk, new york

 that would make us the vanishing point.

sunrise - new york taxi

thinking hands

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hand study 1

today, exploring one hand with another –  and the line of energy stretching from one hand, to my eyes, to my mind, to my drawing hand.

hand study 2

thinking about that connection – mind and body – and how the way we live and work is a continual disconnection of being. being human, spirit in body, eyes in hands.

hand study 3

“the hand is the window on to the mind” – immanuel kant.
the hand does not just execute the mind’s will – the hand teaches.

hand study 4

the eye, the hand, and the mind – a mystical triad, magical connection – a resonant interplay of power, in the creative manifestation of life.

hand study 5

 hands tell the stories of our lives.

hand study 6

“a hand lying on the shoulder or thigh of another body no longer belongs completely to the one it came from” – rainer maria rilke.


hand study 7

new york – city of energy

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new york city lights

working in the city this week – after being away for months, was striking. the convergence of people, cultures, flowing in a great choreography – full of light and energy.  a city thriving in the present tense.

guggenheim spirals

here, the sound of many languages echo along the sidewalk, the world in every step –  and a layered history in every block – architecture of centuries past, of the moment, and of the future.

fifth avenue at 57th

 there is the constant show of human activity, creativity, inpiration, and discovery – if you are watching ..

bergdorf goodman window

and a pulsing world of the underground, running through the arteries of the city – a subterranean theatre of performing arts, fashion, and fleeting conversations..


the pounding noise and amalgam of scents, steam, fog, showers, icy wind, sirens, music — mix in a forceful charge to the senses. such an inspiring, unforgettable and amazing place.

queensboro bridge

how many have tied their souls to this city?

st. thomas church - fifth avenue